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Lotus Leaf CBD

Lotus Leaf CBD 2500mg CBD Broad-Spectrum E-liquid 100ml (70VG/30PG)

Lotus Leaf CBD 2500mg CBD Broad-Spectrum E-liquid 100ml (70VG/30PG)

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e-liqThe Lotus Leaf CBD offers a collection of Broad-Spectrum CBD e-liquids designed to blend relaxation with a variety of fruity flavours. The products feature Broad-Spectrum CBD, expertly extracted to retain the full range of beneficial hemp-derived compounds while excluding THC, thus potentially aiding in stress relief without psychoactive effects.

The range comprises a diverse array of fruity e-liquids, each thoughtfully formulated to provide a tranquil experience. Whether one seeks the sweetness of ripe berries, the exotic allure of tropical fruits, or the soothing notes of citrus, these e-liquids aim to combine the calming properties of CBD with delightful fruit flavours. This combination offers a potential path to relaxation and a moment of respite from the daily hustle and bustle. The Lotus Leaf CBD encourages customers to incorporate relaxation into their daily routines, promoting a more serene and composed self with every vape.

  • 120ml Chubby Bottles Room for 2 x 10ml additional shots
  • 2500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Ideal For Low/high Wattage Devices
  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • ?VG/?PG
  • Non-GMO  
  • Fully Lab Tested


  • Banana Split
  • Blackcurrant Ice
  • Grape Strawberry
  • Lemon Chew
  • Orange Soda
  • Pineapple Lime
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Vanilla Ice

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol extract, Flavouring

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